Why Do You Need a Visitor Management System for Your School?

In school, there are two main components. The first one is the education of students and the other one is their security. While all schools are adept at the educational aspects, it is challenging to take care of the safety of students. The main reason behind it is, a lot of people visit the school daily, may it be parents, guardians, or visitors. The old paper-based visitor recording makes things even more challenging. However, utilizing a visitor management system for school, this task can be simplified and streamlined.

What is a visitor management system for school?

A visitor management system for school is a tool which keeps a record of all the people who have visited your school premises. Along with that, it keeps track of people who are currently present in your school premises. It also stores essential visitors information like the photograph, name, government ID, and address.

What are the benefits of a visitor management system for school?

Efficient and fast processing

Visitor management systems have a user-friendly interface. They allow schools to record visitor information like their photograph, number, address, government id, and whom they are meeting. Moreover, all this information can be processed quickly.

Visitor ID pass

Having a visitor ID is vital so that security officials in school can identify all the people inside the school. A visitor pass is easy and quick to print using visitor kiosk software terminals which is easy to place on all the entrances. This visitor pass also comes with an expiry date so that these visitor ID passes don’t get misused.

Real-time and efficient reporting

School administration can view who is present on the school premises in real-time. Along with other reporting data like how many visitors came in a week, month, or a year or who visited when and other relevant data can be viewed quickly.

Student monitoring

In addition to visitor management and tracking, using visitor management system for school, the administration can also track in-out time of students, which helps school administration monitor the attendance of students.

Alerts during an emergency

School administration can quickly send out ‘alerts’ to all the people present on the school premises and to parents in case of any emergency.

Data Security

In the paper-based process of visitor management, the security of records is a challenging process since there is a high probability of data loss or damage. Even sharing data becomes unnecessarily complicated because you will need to make a copy of the data entered on paper. With a digital visitor management system, it is easy to share the data, and the probability of data loss or damage is slim.

In the end, we can conclude that with such features, a digital visitor management system is vital for schools as it makes them a safe and secure space for students.

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