Security vs Experience! Now achieve both with AI-powered touchless visitor management system

TrueXn, creates a truly welcoming experience for your guests and helps you to streamline your VMS processes.

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In-built card scanner

The TrueXn visitor management software is powered by our proprietary inScan technology. It auto-captures visitor details from Government IDs or visiting cards in no time.

Host notifications

When a guest asks for a specific employee, a notification to the host employee gets triggered. The host employee can approve access via sms, email or user app.

Invite & pre-register

No queues at the gate for your esteemed clients. Send them invites so they do a seamless and fast check-in. Explore calendar booking, auto-fill and more too.


Visitor tracking

Who, when, why - get real-time data on busy departments, average waiting time and other insightful analytics. The system is smart enough to recognise unusual patterns and trigger alerts for blacklisted visitors, overstays or other breaches.

Material inward-outward report

Don’t just track people. Track material that passes your gate including details like supplier, material quantity, receipts pictures, driver details and more

100+ built in features for flawless visitor management

  • Face based visitor entry
  • Bulk invite
  • User app
  • Visitor self declaration
  • Company branding
  • Smiley based feedback
  • Evacuation, overstay alerts
  • Blacklist/watchlist
  • Face mask screening
  • Share safety tips
  • NDA signing
  • Calendar invite
  • Centralized view
  • Multiple reports & analytics
  • Multiple roles
  • Host directory
  • Invitation templates (Email & SMS)
  • Material module
  • Event module
  • Visitor feedback

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Mobile based

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AI powered high accuracy

Low accuracy

Touchless safe

User-centric & practical solution

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