Reasons why you need a web-based visitor management system

Every process in a workspace is rapidly getting digitalized. Communications have moved to Gmail; internal communications has moved to Slack, customer support has moved to Freshdesk. The reason for this is to make these processes efficient and secure. The latest process to join this list is the visitor management process. More and more organizations are moving away from the old paper-based visitor management process to a web-based visitor management system.

What is a Visitor Management System?

A Visitor Management System is an online tool used to complete the process of welcoming, processing, and monitoring visitors at the workspace; making the entire process paper-free, efficient, and secure.

Why should you move from the old paper-based visitor management process to a web-based visitor management system?

Efficient and Fast

The paper-based visitor management method is a time-consuming process, as all the data needs to be entered manually. A visitor management system has a user-friendly interface and it quickly processes vital information like visitor’s photograph, number, address, government id, and whom they are meeting.


The paper-based visitor management process offers negligible security and the probability of someone damaging the record is high. On the other hand, digitizing the visitor management process offers high security. With a visitor management system, all the essential data can only be accessed by the people who have the right security clearance., and so it cannot be altered or damaged.

Efficient Reporting

With the old paper-based process of visitor management, identifying information like, who is present in your premises, how many people are present at the moment, and other relevant data can be a tedious task. With a visitor management system, reports are quickly generated.

Low Costing

A paper-based visitor management process is costly; a lot of investment is required to keep the records safe. The web-based visitor management system is cost-efficient and requires a one-time investment.

Anywhere Access

You need to go to the record room or get the records to your place to access the documents in a paper-based visitor management process. It is also a time-consuming process as you need to go through them page by page. With a web-based visitor management system, you can access all of your records from anywhere. All you need to do is log in to your account, and all your data will be available quickly.

In the end, we can say that you should get a visitor management software from the top visitor management system providers to streamline the visitor management process in your workspace and make it secure.

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