Touchless Covid-19 Compliance for visitors

Protect your employees and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic

Touchless face recognition

Take advantaged of our AI powered touchless facial recognition system that auto-captures employee’s face and records attendance for sign-in and out. Even visitors can step-in in a touch-free way

Face recognition with mask on

If masks are mandatory on company premises, you don’t need manual checks. Neither employees nor visitors can pass through the TrueXn system without a mask after mask compliance is activated

Alerts on mask non-compliance

Should somebody try to enter the premise without a mask, the admin or concerned authority will be alerted through a notification. Keep a close eye; keep everyone safe

Employee/Visitor self declaration

You can activate the self-declaration feature to ensure that employees and visitors affirm no-covid status and confirm no-risk to others. The questionnaire can be customised

We offer practical features


Mask screening compliance


Voice alerts on entry


Set visiting hours


Safety form and disclaimer

Aarogya setu

Aarogya Setu integration


Pre-fill visitor details in advance

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