Essential Features to look for in a Visitor Management System

Last decade technology changed a lot of things. Various processes which used to operate in workspaces were transformed by technology. One such process is the visitor management. Earlier this was a paper-based process; now, with visitor management software, this process has been digitized.

To make workspaces more secure and visitor management process efficient, many organizations are choosing to install a visitor management software. The market has many visitor management systems that offer various features. To help you decide which software will suit your workspace, in this article we are going to list down some important features that a visitor management system should have.

Pre-Book Visits

With this feature, you can register the visitor before their visit. This results in reducing the registration time from 2-3 minutes to a few seconds. It is an essential feature if your organization host visitors at regular intervals, and always have a lot of people waiting in the reception area.

Identity Verification of Visitors

One of the most important features is to identify the visitor in your organization. With this feature, the visitor management system quickly scans the government ID of visitors and quickly verifies their identity.

Visitor ID Badge

Visitor ID Badge is essential in any workspace, as it helps the security staff identify if a visitor is allowed to be in the premise or not. With these visitor badge coming with an expiry date they cannot be misused.


Accessing your visitor management system data is an essential factor. With this feature, you would be able to access all the records from anyplace. All you need is an internet connection.

Efficient Reporting

Identifying information like, who is present in your premises, how many people are present at the moment, and other relevant data is essential. Along with that, understanding how many people visited your workspace in a week, month, or year is vital. With this feature, all relevant reports are generated quickly.

Instant Alert

There are times when some unavoidable circumstances or emergency arises in a workspace. In these situations, with the help of an instant alert feature, you can send an alert to everyone present in the facility.

While these are just a few essential features that you should look for when you get a visitor management system for the office, you should also check for other features according to your needs and requirements. Thus, we can say a visitor management system will simplify the visitor management process at your organization and make it more secure.

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