Reasons Why You Need A Visitor Management System For Your Factory

A manufacturing factory is a place where managing security is a challenging task. It becomes even more challenging for the administration if they use a paper-based visitor management process. Daily, a lot of people walk into a factory – contractors, temporary employees, permanent employees, visitors. To track who is currently present in the factory, or to identify who is who and to allow them only in the areas which they are supposed to be is complicated. Every day the reception area is crowded, as it takes a lot of time and effort to make an entry in the visitor logbook, create the hand-written badge and notify the person who they are supposed to meet. Due to this, there also exist many security loopholes which can result in various unwanted situations for the administration. However, utilizing a visitor management system for a factory, all these tasks can be simplified and streamlined.

What is a visitor management system for a factory?

A visitor management system for a factory is a tool that processes, tracks and keeps a record of all the people who have visited or are currently present in your factory making the whole process secure and efficient.

What are the features and benefits of a visitor management system for a factory?

Identity Verification of Visitors

In a paper-based visitor management process, it is a tedious task to check government ID and verify every visitor. Due to which it is inefficient. However, with a web-based visitor management system, this task is carried out efficiently.

Visitor ID pass

Visitor ID pass is essential in a factory because it helps the security staff identify if a visitor is allowed to be inside the facility or not. Also, these visitors’ ID passes come with an expiry date so that these passes cannot be misused if they are misplaced.

Limited Area Access

Every factory has areas that are considered restricted, thereby allowing only specific visitors inside. With a visitor management system, you can give individual visitors access to these types of spaces and limiting others.

Real-Time Tracking and reporting

With a visitor management system, you can know in real-time who is there in your factory and in which area they are. You can get other relevant data like, how many people visit daily, weekly or monthly quickly.

Instant Alert

There are times when some unavoidable circumstances or emergency issues arise in a factory. In these situations, with the help of an instant alert feature of the visitor management system; the administration can send an instant alert to everyone present in the facility.

Thus, we can say that visitor management software simplifies the management of security in your factory while enhancing efficiency. It perfectly streamlines your security and visitor processes through its plethora of benefits and AI-enabled technology.

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